Rainy day Retro Robots xo

I was determined to do a set activity {something I've actually put a little thought into} with the boys one week. 

So to get some inspiration I had a flick through this ...its a neat little pack you can get for free that gives you a few ideas for those "what am I going to do with the kids moments!!!?" 

So I loved the little robot Idea and thought yup I've got a hot glue gun I can do that! 

And so collected a shoebox together of:
 old nuts and bolts
recycling bits and pieces
left over craft supplies (pom poms, bright coloured popsicle sticks...)
craft paper

and then I had a little look in the internet and there were some great images of retro robots that I printed off to give us some ideas...

And so with the help of the boys this is what we came up with... 
they would show me what they wanted where and I got them to colour pieces of paper for the "buttons" and so on..


So we had fun making them together - to be honest at one point they went off and I keep pottering - it was very therapeutic hehe especially seeing the reactions of hot glue when it touches plastic... but I'll let you find out that one ;)

Anyways I'd definitely recommend this one with ideally 3-4 years olds and if you have a hot glue gun you can create endless possibilities

Have Fun!! Give it a go


modge podge + littlest chair = happy seat!


light sandpaper
Craft Paper

1. Take one little seat that needs some love.  Sand off any varnish or gloss paint that might be already on it so the Mod-Podge will stick to it

2. Draw out a pattern by holding up the paper to you chair and tracing around the paper on the opposite side to the print so you are not left with pencil marks on your good side (this was a little tricky but after a few trims etc got there in the end) 

3. Apply the Mod-Podge to the surface of the chair thickly making sure you cover the whole area and then stick your paper to this. Smooth it down as much as possible so there are no air-bubbles... 
(for me this was not a perfect process either because of the little screws sticking up )...

4. Cover the entire area of the chair over the paper to seal it and let dry - you could probably do two coats (once dried) if you wanted it to be super robust... for kids play etc


And there you now have one happy seat - I'm using mine besides the bed in our guest room as a little side table but obviously so many uses ...

And now I'm scoping out my dining chairs... as they are those old-school wooden back metal leg type - I've also seen you can do the same process using fabric!! Oh the possibilities!!!

sometimes you can only laugh...

there are times in life where you can only just laugh - looking back the first second I saw this happening accompanied by the most infectious giggles and toddler laughter I did not see the funny side...but how can you not laugh when your one and a half year old finds you newest creation and decides its the best thing since woollen pom poms or a box of tissues...

I think its called letting the little things go and smiling more.. hmm I think my kids were made to teach me this and its not the easiest lesson to learn it seem...remembering what being a kid is all about... play and endless possibilities of what that looks like...laughing for the fun of it

P.S this is what the tissues looked like...!!!

Oh lord help me laugh more :) and let the little things go!


taking on pinterest one idea at a time... this was one of those....

So yes I saw this idea on pinterest using puzzle pieces from all those puzzles that have missing pieces... grrr you would not believe how many of those annoying things we have!!! and it looked so easy... easy enough to try!  

So here are the supplies I used...

I doubled up the magnets so stuck the two pieces together before I did anything else (my first one I only used one sheet but it didn't stick to the fridge very well..)

Trace your shape, cut, and stick on the back of you puzzle piece

The little helpers

My youngest likes moving them around so I just keep them for play at the bottom of the fridge mainly rather than using up top for notes... 

so there you have an little idea for all those missing pieces 


$2 "cotton on" bag upcycle

 I have one of those minds that struggles to stop thinking about little projects or something I'd like to try...so lately whenever I've been near a cotton on/kids/typo shop etc I've been on the look out for their $2 cotton bags that they use for their packaging/charity bags... 

~ and so using one of these this is my version of a simple banner ~

unpick or just cut the sides out and then cut whatever pattern you would like out of the bottom....  For mine I cut the triangle to mirror the shape of the arrows... 

this particular pattern didn't leave much room up the top for where I folded it over and straight stitched the top...
If I had been able to choose the height I would have preferred more space above the design too but sometimes you just have to go with it...
I also have made two different types of cushion covers using the bags too so hopefully I can put them up here too 
Now you'll have to keep your eye out for those bags to eh there must be so many ways to use them!! so get dreaming and designing!

happy inside camping day for the kiddos :)

Sometimes during a week I get extra motivated to make a little play station up for the boys using whatever is lying around.  This time I remembered that my Husband had a one man tent that we never use any more - so it was perfect for a bit of inside play for the boys 

So i just threw in a blanket, a few pillows, toys and books and the boys filled in the rest :)

they had a great time making it a little rats nest filling it with other toys or treasures...

 so I call this "keeping it simple parenting!" 

Maybe you have a similar type of tent or it gives you an idea for making a little play spot even if they only use it for small amounts of time. I'm sure their memory of it is bigger and grander than ours...and by the way I think mine lasted about half and hour before this went a bit destructoooo...if that makes you feel any better..

Happy Camping!


tree stump + castor wheels = fun!!

so at our missions base we work at I've been working on a little corner, and I have to say its been soo fun designing a space from scratch and then seeing it come together piece by piece.

 Something out of nothing. 

We are trying to use what we already have then add the extras. In our back yard I've had these Tree stumps lying around for awhile (I've used them as little tables for the kids morning tea picnics) but it was time for a reinvention.... 

Happy Crafting!!

So add a few castor wheels, plus a little sanding and viola!!! 

instant coffee table!!

Now that I've made one for our little corner I think I like it too much to give it up just yet - so I'll have to swipe the other tree truck lying around now :)

p.s I was able to reuse the castor wheels shown - but I did track down a set of four from one of those $2 - $8 cheap shops for $6!! bargain!!