saturday afternoon project

There is something seriously satisfying about starting and finishing something!! maybe it has to do with that sense of control we have.   I've lost count of my unfinished projects! All the intention was there but no follow through... paintings especially...dont you hate it when you have a great idea in your head but when it comes to putting itto canvas its near impossible to recreate? I used to have all these half finished paintings piled up because I gotten discouraged and given up.

Other stuff like Exercise plans that last for 3 days, and statments like "this is my last dot dot dot..." (bought coffee is a favourite in our household :) Things that we tell ourselves we will do but then are forgotten the next day. 

So I'v started setting loose some of the things from my "one day" pile, with the idea of 'finishing' rather than just forever 'starting'. And it gives the cheapest thrills... When was the last time you squeezed the last drop out of your moisturiser before indulging in a new one? Or threw away something old before replacing with something new? This also includes copious amounts of old makeup and products which we never actually use but seem to like looking at (lotions and potions as my husband describes them) - How does this all relate?

I think theres something greater that happens when we start living in a way where we arnt just all about starting somthing, because anyone can start somthing... but i believe it takes a whole lot of Heart to finish something. And it encourages something within us and builds us up from the inside. 

My challange to myself for this week - not in a crazy I MUST DO THIS sort of a way, but in a kind and it will be good for me sort of way; is to start getting out of the house for some walks - with or without the two boys...(I still havent gotten my head around how to get out with the two consistantly) at this stage I'm just keeping it real achievable ~ my starting and finishing goal.  

i'm ticking off the "one day" pile, and enjoying the small successes, starting with the achieveable - exercise, craft -
...I think as you build confidence you gain momentum...and you can start leading your heart to conquer the bigger challanges (haha like finishing that moisturiser)

This was my saturday afternoon project to start and finish this gift for a friend's 50th.

 -------- OH sweet satisfaction! :) ----

would love your feedback on your starting and finishing goals? 

x o x o


  1. I love your art! Amazing! I am struggling a lot to follow through on ideas that I have and things i want to do.

  2. Oh I hear ya! Its really hard finding time and energy I think, its a total killer for being creative! starting really small is how i'm trying to get there...whats something small you can do that will encourage you to keep going?

  3. That is a beautiful piece of art Carolyn. I wish I had your creativity in the painting dept. I hear ya about the loads of starts and haredly any finishes!! As for getting out with the two boys - it will get easier! Some weeks I see it as a success if we get out to Playcentre and the groceries! Hope you and the fam are all well xx

    1. I definatly agree with the small success of getting out to daycare - thankfully we can walk there in the buggy so it can double as a bit of exercise! wahoo need all i can get these days! :) thanks for encouragment x

  4. Carolyn you are one clever little chickie! Just had a flick with all of your blogs and I just love them. Your paintings/sketches are delightful and so is the thoughts that go through your head. So pleased you told us about your blog! You are one of my regulars now. I love your idea of a quick college in your journal. So very cool.


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