Triumph and Disaster play

Watching these two try play together can be total triumph and disaster all within the same moment.
They've been having fun with the play pieces I had scored for $4 from the Salvation Army. Samson loves to play by himself but also totally goes up a gear if I take the time to stop what I'm doing and be apart of what he's into.

I learnt early on with the boys never introduce liquids to play haha unless you want early tears!!
So random dry stuff from the cupboards are always best!!

Because when disaster strikes, the vacuum is your friend!


Over the last year I've been getting back into reading, I think somewhere in the busyness of it all I forgot how reading is such a good thing for you!! 

We have a very good local library also which Iv realised is the way to go - no extra clutter of endless books you may only read once.

So this book caught my eye on my last visit

And it's been such a 'make sense' read! Iv been having to walk more just for the fact that we only have the one car, but it's defiantly been good for me. We live in a little country town so it really is possible to walk everywhere.

Sometimes iv struggled wondering could God really completely heal depression? But I think iv been also realising that it's not always a flick the switch cure but a process of changing how we think so that we won't go back to way we used to be or think. 

And so anyways seems that exercise is really amazing for anxiety, stress, hormones, moods the list goes on. And yes it's probably the most logical thing in the world for some but for the rest of us realising that just a walk even can bring breakthrough is a good reminder. So the next time I'm walking my boys to daycare I'll be thinking of all those happy thought's I'm releasing :)


New little projects

Well as I've said before I love a project and so this week I've set out to start giving some love to our kitchen. When we bought our house we had a week before we moved in to do some needed TLC! This included ripping out the carpet in the kitchen and I also took out the heavy dark wood cabinets with black leadlight in the glass, and replaced with open shelves. Everything was dark brown and shiny, so I had only ever done a scrappy primer coat on the cabinets and then some of the hinges had broken so after awhile I had four open spaces that Moses has loved pulling every out of (soooo many broken dishes!!!)
So anyways been on the to do list for too long, and I finally realised I could just replace hinges (duh!!) so iv now just got one of the large cupboards to replace the hinges on and all the cabinets are good to go!!!

So using what I already had I've painted the front island a warm grey and started painting the inside cupboards (half alabaster in a satin, aqua enamel). I still need to do probably two more coats on them but it's soo much nicer to be in there now! (By the way I hope my messy benches make you feel better about your kitchen I'm always hovering on dishes done/entire dishes waiting to be washed - whoops!!)

I had played around on Pinterest looking for the "perfect" solution. Also scrolling on trademe for handles but realised I could actually just use what I already have!! 

Sometimes I think we spend money just for the fun of it but really we could use what's around us and make it work too (you should have seen the scrap of sandpaper I was determined to get away with!)

So my next mission will be to also paint the top of the top of the front island and then I'm needing to do something for the oven area splash back wise but haven't settled on that idea yet . 

Well have a great weekend!!
I think I've realised that if I can't do quick craft projects at the stage of life I'm at firstly I tend to go a bit nuts and secondly I tend to not get it finished :) so recently a beautiful friend of mine helped me overhaul my craft space (miss Tinkerbell!! Your a pro!!) and it did wonders for my brain space!!

Decluttering really is the way to go not just rearranging!! Which I must admit was what I used to do!!

Anyways I had an hour to play with so I made a dash at some creativity in my studio (happy place!!)
My starting point was this cute calendar I'd been given with yummy imagery. I wanted to come up with something to display a selection of smaller prints...

 Next I started to have a little look at Pinterest for ways to display small artwork......... Sooo maaaaaaany iddddeas!!!!! But came across the simple peg idea below and remembered I had a little piece of peg board sitting in my garage...

Pinterest can
 be amazing so I'm trying to use it for literal projects rather than imaginary ones that never happen!

Next I had pegs I could
 recycle from an old peg project...

I had used it for a type of advent calendar a few years back. 

So now I had pegs and peg board (yay! )

Looking at the Pinterest tutorial I used some garden wire to cut and thread through the pegs
And secured it at the back of the peg board by crossing wire over

I could have painted the board but I quite like the raw material

Easy fun fast craft project, just what I like!!! 

Now I just need to find a place for it...typical story

Xoxo happy crafting!