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Well this morning was a doozy! 2nd day of husbands new job and things are a bit rocky in the morning with breakfast and getting 5 bodies out the door.  Lunch boxes were filled with empty bread rolls and fruit and I can't remember what else. There's a list of things the big boys need to do in the morning and the two oldest managed to work through it but things started corroding when number 3 would rather start screaming than do dishes. Meanwhile  the 3 year old discovered a Lego creation he just had to make and refused to put on all clothes. After giving choices and bribery I had to put them on however I could and then carried him after more choices screaming to the buggy. With the big boys out the door I now had a screaming 3 year old strapped into his seat and a bewildered 1 year old looking on. He screamed the whole walk to day care and I felt like one of those parents you look at in sympathy yet glad it's not your own.....I had a blank stare on my face the whole way haha!

Anyways we got there. Amazing daycare teacher intervened with their magical ways and I soon found myself free and walking out the door. Kinda feel like I've been hit by a bus but I'm alive.

It's my free day no kids for a whole day and hubby said I need to give myself a break. So I'm having a moment. Why do we not give ourselves enough of these?  Maybe because some of the stuff that happens in between sucks all life so that your left feeling like a numb stunned mullet.. Anyways give yourself more moments I reckon (insert emoji of woman floating in coffee) instead I found this pic from the 'good' magazine I flickered through while having my moment, possibly a more mature response to life? Who knows...
Another fun fact, I have a pregnancy mask, that's where your skin is the opposite of the 'glow' promised in those annoying pregnancy shoots.

And since I'm trying to go more naturally  I really needed a moisturiser so I am going to try 'rhino repair ' by oasis a local company . Has anyone else had super hormonal skin during pregnancy? Not many of my friends iv spoken with have struggled with it I'd love some strategies!
So over the last few days I've realised straight out that I can't do this health journey alone so Iv found myself asking friends questions about what they do and it's been super thought provoking - I'd like to say iv started blitzing it but I'm just scratching the surface so my bed  reading is 
... Yes it's all a bit random but hey it's a start right? Xoxo

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