Mothers and Fathers Day x o

I made one of these for my Dad a couple Father's Days back. Somehow Home made presents for these occasions just seem more fitting than store bought stuff.

I dont know about you, but when I think of all that my parents have done for me over the years, it all seems to blurr together. Some things like holiday traditions and holidays jump out.  Or those special memories that at the time were extra grand to our little eyes.  But when it comes down to it, its all the "little things done in love" that make our parents the people they are to us now.  I'm in awe of my parents since becoming a mum, and I've just got one! How did they manage with the 4 of us girls!!

Isnt it funny how I dont think you can really understand Mothers or Fathers Day untill it comes around and you find yourself at the recieving end.

Thanks Mum and Dad x o x o

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