"Blossoms are like the curtains being drawn back before a glorious performance..." x c
Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to splash some paint around or get in your car and drive to a day spa for the day. Just anything really to break up the fact that the house is a mess and its not going to go anywhere unless you move it. Your kids sick and wont stop grizzling even after all the cuddles your giving out, or you just want to feel normal and unmotherly like.... well having one of those days... :)

"Can you see my little parachute sailing away?"
But its alright cause I've had my morning run, been to the doc with the little one and got the nappies, pamol and coffee (yes on days like these it feels like a big treat!) on the way home.
Its sunny out and a really beautiful day, and while i cant think of anything to paint or make, I can take a few photos to get me out in the sun :) but above all that, Im so thankful to know my heavenly father is here with me and whispering little creative ideas to brighten up my day. 
 So no matter what season you feel like your day is falling into - enjoy the present season with all its little surprises along the way...

"The snow is melting and a Spring is here to stay"

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