"You can't perfect anything you havn't Started"

I Love being able to think in pictures and enjoy making stuff but theres a flip side to this personality type - which is being a "perfectionist".

  I got this idea a week ago about making some collages or paintings based on the seasons. I started with a flurry and then fizzed out just as abruptly.  See in the past I've often had ideas that have sat in my head for ages, purhaps staying there. But once a friend of mine said something which I found simple yet profound "You can't perfect anything you havn't started".

So this random piece of advice often comes to mind when I'm procrastinating on an idea, imagining how it will turn out without having even touched the materials. 

Because in reality i've found while sometimes you make something and it's brilliant the first time but more often that not you have a few duds before you stumble upon a really neat idea or something that really works.

Like my idea with seasons, I'm not quite there with it, its still all a bit cliche, but i'll keep playing and dreaming and you never know where I'll get,
but at least I've started! :)

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