Adventures in the Rain

Today was one of those rainy days there the wind is blustery and the rain hits hard against the windows!

 I love the rain though, especially getting out in it. So I tucked up my son in his buggy with the plastic rain cover and off we set. I'm sure every passing car thought "oh that poor child!" but seriously my boy loved it, chattering happily before dozing off to sleep with his blanky hanging out of his mouth :) There were puddles, and lakes to dodge, overflowing gutters and spouting water to see for the little man, much to his amusement.
 The point is that, as woman it's so important to keep our sense of adventure. Obviously you can't just go bungy jumping everyday, but it's in the little choices that really grow who you are. See I could have said to myself this morning - "Its raining oh well there goes our walk", but I choose instead to make it a little andventure with my boy instead, somthing that made the day memorable. 

There can be lots of little adventures to grasp hold in our days as mothers at home or work. But its up to us to make them that, and discover the little surprises along the way :)