Encouragment just when we need it

Ever have one of those days where you feel very usless - well I was having another of those, frustrated with tiredness and not "feeling it" with God days. Lost in the blurryness of waking up after another night of getting up to a little one.

I picked up my scrapbook notebook/journal thingy and started to look through it.

And as I flipped along, I felt much better, because I was reminded of all the little things God had given me in the past - little drawings or pictures, words and I realised that it was Ok to not be "feeling it" but rather I could rest right where I was.

sometimes we need to remind ourselves of all that has happened and all the encouragement God has soaked us in, in the past when we are having one of those days.

thanks God for your little notes of encouragment just when we need them

Today is going to be a good day :) x o x o

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