Finding Light in the MIDDLE of the Tunnel

I have found that when waiting for something you can find yourself in a empty place, a stuck place... but then once whatever it is you were waiting for arrives or happens you say "Oh that wasnt soo bad was it"... but the truth was, it was a hard season and you really couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, even though you would try tell yourself that you could...

Waiting for the birth of my son was one of these for me. My first son was 2 weeks early so, when I went beyond my due date it felt like I'd been waiting FOREVER, then I had 5 days of labour pains before the delivery day. There definatly was one point where I thought "I'm never going to have this baby!" which sounds rediculous, but true.

We each have different tough seasons, and we cant compare them to each other for they are always very REAL and personal for us when we are in them, But it's in the middle of that tough season God wants to meet us, and bring comfort.

One day I decided not to tidy up the house or get something done but instead to STOP and take a break with God :) I sat down with a coffee and my journal and I felt like God showed me that he WANTS us to find contentment and comfort in Him during those times...right in the middle of our tough Seasons. But theres a choice involved...

See its all very well to look back on one of those times and make light of it.  But when your in it, it can be really painful and confusing. God showed me that it's during that time, right in the midst of it, you have to choose whom or what you are going to turn to...

And right then and there I choose to turn to him and allow him to encourage me, and show me that everything was going to be alright! I choose to focus on him and not on the circumstances...choosing to trust that HIS timing would be perfect for ME in my situation...

It can be a hard thing to do because we are bent towards being independant rather than dependant on God. But I'm learning that His plan for us, is not only to get that JOY and great contentment AFTER we come through somthing but that He has Great things for us, right when we are in the middle of it too!! 

I Hope you are encouraged that no matter what you might be waiting for, or what the season you are in God our Father wants to meet us there, Right where we are. I'm so gratful that he always comes to us even though we dont always go to him. 

x o x o

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  1. Hi Carolyn, I enjoyed checking out your blog. What you shared here really spoke to me. Thanks for the encouragement! Bless you, Cindy xo


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