Value what you have but seek after me

Priorities can be a hard thing to get right.
I definatly am feeling a little out of balance at the moment with having new bubs and trying to ajust to the new changes...loving it :) but also feeling a little lost at times. 

but I guess the challange is that when you start to put first the most important thing then other stuff seems to fall into place...or maybe it doesnt seem to bother us so much anymore.

I'm real grateful that Gods says when we seek Him with all our heart we will find Him...

So I've been finding myself asking Him for advice and just asking him to encourage me through baby land at the moment, because I value Him and what I know He wants to show me, Its easy and not a chore to make him a priority - it sure makes a big difference to everything else...(definatly havn't perfected this but when things start to get a bit crazy it sure makes you start talking to him more!


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