baby No* 2

Waiting for the arrival of our little Zephyr seemed like forever this time around - maybe because with the second one you kinda know what your in for and so its all a little less overwhelming.... We loved the element of surprise when it came to knowing whether it was a boy or girl the first time (even though we were pretty sure it was going to be a boy) 2nd time around we also didnt find out but in our minds we were sure it was going to be a girl, but had a boys name just incase :)

So Just as he was being born literally the verse from Zephaniah 3:17 "I will rejoice over you with singing" came to mind ... and in that little moment I knew it was Zephyr! WHAT A SURPRISE!!! and how crazy and amazingly thoughtful is God to whisper those words - well thats what I reakoned anyways. Special! to me It felt like He was saying "Yup I've chosen Zephyr just for you's".  "Zephyr" was named after Zephaniah which means Hidden Treasure, or Treasured by God... which I think is so cool considering how genuinely surprised we were!!

I had written in my bible besides that verse in Zephaniah the date 14.10.11 which was the day I felt the name Zephyr Jumped out at me for what I would call my next son. I'm a bit of a thinker but with the names of both our boys there's never been a hesitation about what to call them, cause both times I felt like God had choosen them and in our eyes they were just Perfect!
Big brother cuddles!!

The name "Titus" for our first son was also something that was so special.  To be honest I didnt think I was capable of having kids. I'd had depression in my past and in my mind I still had the lie "how could I look after a little one when I can barly look after myself"... But God knew, and so when one day out of the blue when I was just chilling with my journal and bible "Titus" came as clear as anything and in that Instant I knew I was going to have a baby and his name would be "Titus". I can still remember exactly what I said to myself "Oh my goodness I'm going to have a baby and his name is going to be Titus" yup pretty simple but thats how God works, it doesnt have to be complicated...

Titus means of the Giants and Encourager and thats exactly what he's been for us, he's fills a room with his little personality and he makes people smile... love love him!!

So our little Zephyr is now 6 weeks old and He's been amazing, so far pretty much just feeds and sleeps! Sooo grateful cause I dunno how I would be surviving if it was any different!! He definatly was the coolest surprise. Titus loves his brother and one of his favourite things to say is "hiya zepha!". 

I'm LOVING having two, the "baby stuff" has been much easier 2nd time around. But in terms of life with two little ones under 2 in the house its been pretty crazy... exhausting...and I definatly feel out of my depth puts a bit of a strain on the hubby relationship at times when everyones wasted and got the grumps! ...and I'm still getting my head around how to get out of the house with two and get some fresh air.  

just a little collage i did while waiting for baby no* 2

But I'm learning to use my time a little wiser for the things that keep me sane hehe. I've changed the way I make art and now do quick stuff which gives me just as much, maybe even more of a buzz than the stuff in the past I did that took longer (painting, sewing..)

Now I like making little collages and drawings in my journal when - a Miracle happens - and both are sleeping. I also think who ever invented the Novel was a parent cause it's the nicest little luxury to get into a book and leave the chaos behind! (I'm reading "Atoinment child" by Francine Rivers at the moment) Also having this blog has been a Godsend, its so nice to have a space for something other than nappies and washing!!!

Well No* 2 is up for a feed, not sure what I was particularly thinking about with this entry... just love being able to write and take a moment out from my day...

Happy Weekend everyone!!

x o x o

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