What makes your Heart Sing?

Little Zephyr is now 10 weeks old (and not so little anymore!) I'm finding my Rhythm slowly, but its taken what feels like forever!! I've had this constant feeling that I should be doing this or that by now, I'm not so great at enjoying just where I'm at right now,  I  guess alot of mothers can feel this?

I reakon once you become a mum you go through these phases where your so focused on keeping the house in order and making sure everyones feed and watered you forget "what makes your Heart Sing!" mind you - you dont have to be a mother to feel like this...

For me I've realised that if I don't get a little fix of this something each day I get stuck in the blues.

Soooo I've just started running or should i say plodding again, while I wish I could say that running is easy and thats why it makes my Heart Sing, I'd definatly be lying! Cause in reality Its a hard red faced puffing slog; no visions of frolicing athlets in sight - as I'm no fading violet more like a plump sunflower! I'm hoping this might be a catalyse for shedding a few excess petals!!!.... we'll see...

 I'm just started back since somewhere way back in pregnancy land so of course its gonna be a slog. But ya know I think thats all part of it, I think somewhere in side of us we were created to overcome challenges and to also Enjoy them its almost like a type of warfare against all those daily voices that are telling us we should be doing this and that or I cant do this, or could do that... So sometimes the very things that make our Hearts Sing can challange us to be more than we are already, and make us feel like we are really living rather than just exsisting...

these were some drawings I came up with one day stuck in the blues, and they helped me pick myself up and keep going :)

So my question for you this week is...
"What makes your Heart Sing?"

have a great week!


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  1. Beautiful! Absolutely LOVE this one! xxxx


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