Brave Heart

Once when visiting a Marae with my Teachers College Class a Maori Elder said this to us:

"In order to Discover New Lands, One must first be Brave enough to loose sight of the shore"

It was a special wkend at the Marae and one of those moments I've always remembered.
 When I heard this quote I was in my last year of study trying to figure out my future, I was weighing up some big decisions and one of those was leaving an unhealty relationship I was in. 
 It was something that was affecting so many areas of my life but I wasnt willing to acknowledge that at the time. I think if I had stopped and truely thought about what that "shore" really looked like I might have left it sooner than I did.

See In order to leave those old shores to find the new ones I think you first need to understand what it is, you are leaving behind.

I think this is very true in relation to habits. Often when we try to change our bad habits we fail. Because normally the first thing we do is to try something new ~ But I've been thinking about this latly and I think we miss a step. I think the first thing we need to do is to understand what it is you are letting go of, before you replace it with something new.

Letting go of something can be hard, sometimes sad, sometimes fun (like letting go of helium balloons into a bright sky!).

Loosing sight of/ Letting go of, the familiar takes courage, it takes a Brave Heart. But when you discover the New lands, the Green Pastures on the other side, it makes the Bravery all worth it.

At the moment I feel like Gods telling me to have a Brave Heart and leave some old ways behind, I'm still trying to get my head around what exactly they are, its a little scary a little exciting and I can't see the new lands yet......but I know that I have everything within me already that I need to get there....

And so I know that they are coming...

The colours look a bit different in original as It was hard to capture the colour right with my camera!

"In order to Discover New Lands, One must first be Brave enough to loose sight of the shore"
I havnt painted for ages but felt to make this - it took on a few differnt forms untill I'm leaving it as is -

Its a reminder to keep going forwards and not to look back for we can all live out of a Brave Heart :)