It's the little things

Latly Its been the little things that have been giving me the greatest thrills. I saw this little shelf/cude thing on Pinterest the other day for your tea and coffee bits and pieces (this area on my bench has been driving me crazy for ages!) and a light went off - I'd had one of those things too! And so after taking off the door of mine, Tada!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!

So now I'm on the look out for cute glass Jars...Fun fun.  Next I'd found these IQLIGHTs in a Op-shop ages back and had totally forgotten about them till my sister sent them down to me, after I'd left it at her place. THey look really neat in my lounge and in our bedroom - they remind me of clouds - thats why I really like them :)

Dont you just LOVE it how normally its the little things that bring a smile to your dial, even better when they are free!