No more Fools Gold

So this weekend we bought a set of digital scales... Last week i went to weigh myself on our $10 crappers from the wharehouse and it gave me 3 different readings (might i add that none of them were favourable!) (not impressed!)so I put up the protest flag and my husband - bless him, gave me the green light to get new ones. Isnt funny how something so simple can bring a moment of joy - new scales - Trala! - so now after my not so flashy week I feel more inspired to get back into the mindset of putting the "good stuff" into my body... and do you remember how i said that I'd been contemplating the shoreline? well I feel like it's now time to cast off the ropes and set sail... I feel like this last week I've been kicking and screaming (alot) trying to keep some of my old ways and old treasures but they are starting to feel heavy like they really are foreign and dont belong in my boat anymore - so whether they like it or not i've decided to leave them on dry land... No more fools Gold I want the real stuff... (ps I'm not just talking about food here I feel like one grumpy mummy at the moment and its not cool, so I know somethings got to change) but in terms of the health stuff I'm so over my head with nutrition I dont know where to start...carrots anyone? But I figure even if its one little inch of change I'll take it - and so I know that I just gotta go for it as long as it takes! Anyone else relate?