the door in the wall

One of my favourite books is called "The Door in the wall" I have my mums copy which she had had as a teenager.  Its an old book but the message within it is timeless. Its the simple story of a crippled boy as he tries to find his place in life while facing himself and his own attitudes in the process. 
 But one of my most favourite quotes is found in it....
"And thou hast found the door in thy wall"...
to me this speaks of breakthrough or that sense of relief when we see a glimpse of light, can catch our breath and know things for the next while at least will be OK.

Out of nowhere recently I've been given the opportunity to go to a "Father Heart" school in Taupo for a week
Its pretty amazing for me because I can honestly say I never expected to get this sort of opportunity to go and receive and just have no responsibilities.  In my mind it was something that everyone else would be able to do but for me there'd be nothing for several years or at least until the kids were older, or had the time or the money bla bla...

but without me doing a thing suddenly the door has opened!

and I am left with that moment where you let out your breath and say thank you Lord for knowing what we need before we have the words to ask for it. 
 When it feels like we've hit the wall, reached a dead end and have nothing left to give..and without us earning it You open up a door before us and say "here is your way out, here is the door in your wall..."

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."  [Jeremiah 29:11]  

I pray that this week you will experience some unexpected surprises from your Heavenly Father and a Open Door where it feels like only a wall has been...


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