where is that place of rest

The longer I've been a mum the more frustrated I've become with forever not feeling in the loop spiritually or feeling like those who do feel like they have somthing to share care enough to pass onto us tired mums (yes sorry harsh but its just how i feel) - when you know and feel spiritually  empty its hard to sometimes know where to start getting encouraged again.

 I know that usually God seems to prompt us through allowing us to get to that place where were are ready to actually step out and change something or seek somthing out and I think I'm at that place but Its still frustrating when you feel like your not getting anywhere...

As a mother it feels like we fall through the cracks in terms of the avaliability of "care groups" at church and "mothers groups" are great to a point.  
But connecting relationally alone doesnt satisfy the soul - so i'm thinking about starting something with other mums in the area... not sure how/what this looks like but I'm a big believer in  -  theres no point moaning about a lack if your not willing to contribute to filling it..... hmm I wonder where this idea will lead...

how can we as mums help each other / encourage each other to go deeper with God...


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