keep calm and colour on x

there is something so... what's the word...CONTAGEOUS about colour I think, black and white yeah they have their place but I'm not thinking ever ~ "oh I need another white thing".... nope its colour that's got me hooked!!!

covered cot mattress the boys love playing on it by the window...
 the ever present "cosy" blanket Titus's fav! 
My favourite pillows from citta, gifts from my sisters x
Gotta love POMPOMS and chalk decals!!
 My painted wagon, i'll no doubt re-paint oneday, great for storing my mags out of the way of little hands! 
Ikea + Typo
a winters day creation..

Happy spring bunting! love summer! to cheer up all the people that take walks around our country block :)

My Masking tape wreath - cause we get crazy its the only way to stop it flying off like my last attempt!

yup I'm a self professed Eclectic!
and I much prefer to walk into a space that feels like you could have some fun in it (scope for the imagination) if you were given half a chance!! x and I hope one day the boys look back and think of fun when they think of our home ~ and it inspires them to do the same....
 I really love the kiwi designer Alex Fulton ( - she is the Queen of colour, and her house is one of those spaces that make you want to powder coat all your furniture some lush shade of neon! (sigh one day)
But until then ~ keep calm and colour on I say x ;)

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