yup finally got round to that blessed toilet training! x

Don't you just love toilet training?? all that washing and silent (or not so silent) fuming as you wait for the success!
well I finally got around to it ...took me a few go's cause I realised I had to be in the right frame of mind before I took on the venture...and I have to say even now its a bit haphazard!! but I'm not too worried because at least I've started and so we are better off than a few months ago!!
I've come up with a few things to trying coach Titus 3+ year old along.....

I got the binoculars from a $2 - and have to say they are very budget but he seems happy enough squinting through them - made a set out of toilet rolls and tape as a backup too :)  he's looking at a wall of old calendar pictures and for the adults I've written a bunch of cool scriptures on them..

The binoculars idea worked for a day but then he lost interest...typical... but I was pretty impressed with myself for the idea... maybe someone else will find it helpful?

In terms of the strategy for the actual toilet training the whole reminding him every few minuets nearly drove me crazy and didn't help him any better, so now I just remind him once or twice through the day and leave it up to him which seems to work better....(not perfect but better ;)

the last incentive I'm using which has worked is ......

the old-school connect 4 game!!
titus loves 'Jake and the Neverland pirates' so the idea of being able to put treasure in the game was quite appealing...
every time he makes a splash he gets to put one token in the game and every kaplop he gets to put in 2 tokens - once he makes a row he gets a prize and once he gets the whole thing finished he gets a fire truck!!! hehe yes he wants a fire truck that makes noises (such a boy!) (also once he makes a whole row he gets to let all the tokens come out and count them and put them all back in so he can get some rewards along the way... :)

  Yes one day even Zephyr was trying to get in on the action :) ...no I'm not toilet training two at a time thanks!! ......
so on we go with toilet training - joy!!

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