chalk board hack = wall stickers

Wall stickers are awesome for people like me who like to change things around
 {all the time!}
 but I'm all about function so when I came across Blackboard wall stickers it was love at first sight! 
...through a random conversation this week I discovered that KMART sell them...
 {craft section}
sooo went for a road trip there today
 and yup for just $5
 you can get a 50cm by 2m Blackboard strip!!!
the only limit is your imagination for what to do with it, and where you place it...
{cheesy but true!}
this was way cheaper than the one I purchased from tradme that came to $21 including postage... 
{You can cut out shapes with a craft knife before removing the backing,
 but use a chopping board
 or something so you don't accidently mark tables... }



 the key is to cut out your shape before you peel the backing paper away, when you stick it to the wall
and also wipe down the wall so its clean and completely dry
 before placing your finished shape...
{love this photo and his concentration...
 "I'm drawing a whale mummy.."}
Hope that's a cheap and cheerful little wkend project for you!!

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