wagons + masking tape + test posts = perfect project for crazy perfectionists!

I once saw this pattern by a particular design brand that I loved - they put it on a laundry bag and other housey items...

I couldn't get it out of my head so I decided to try replicate the geometric pattern {roughly}
I also wanted to try my hand at Masking off areas to make a geometric pattern...


  1. Using a fine sandpaper take off any prior gloss finishes or rough patches
  2. prime ~ I just used the lightest shade I had...
  3. Draw up your pattern using ruler and pencil
  4. Using "Painters masking tape" mask off multiple sections at a time and paint using the same colour at random...you have to wait for the paint to dry before you peel the tape off and using fresh tape position your masking tape.  Repeat same process over and over until you have filled in all the triangles...

Tip: To create sharp lines firmly rub the edges of the tape when you stick to the surface and wait till completely dry before removing.

To avoid Muddy colours wash your brush really well between colours and change your water often

(I replicated the pattern on both sides using Resene test pots left over from my sister painting her house, selected colours at random)

WHAT I LEARNED: its the perfect and worst project for someone that has a streak of perfectionism....took me hours {literally} lol {when you get an hr here or there + throw kiddos in the mix I guess its understandable..}
 bit crazy... n o t sure I'd do it again... but loved the result all the same....and sense of achievement!!

Have you had a favourite colour since you were little?

 ...ever since my 'Peach' duvet as a child coral/peach has been a fav - so I decided to throw it into the mix of colours against the other neutral greys 
 isn't it funny what follows from when we were little - our likes/dislikes...

 I also painted this one Using another Resene colour called "Clementine" from memory which was featured once in a Paint/design page of Your Home and Garden - This one I will probably paint over in time as I think its got more potential than what I gave it -

 but ya know what sometimes you just have to give things a go and if you don't totally love it, start over!!

I've been using them both to keep toys or mags in as really handy to roll under couches or out of the way... {apart from the few times they were used to rocket one another round the lounge floor until the wheels popped off = little boys + wagons!!}
this was the before...

I sprayed both with a clear gloss sealer to finish it and make it a bit more durable...

while I was on the roll I painted this also using the same test-pots

{"the kite with no string" = freedom}

Moral of the story... :) have fun using test pots plus a little bit of childlike imagination!!

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