banishing the black! + paint + spray + sheepskin = comfy!!

I bought this chair from our local dump for $2, I was drawn by the shape and took some inspiration from Pinterest {as you do!} 

I painted the top then sprayed with a clear gloss sealer and spray painted the legs in Gloss enamel + added the $4 op~shop sheep skin and voil√†! 

I'm enjoying keeping it simple when it comes to colours etc! trying to stick to the the take the last thing OUT before you leave the room idea - aka stop before you go a bit O.T.T crazy!!!

This was my pinterest inspiration x 

PS sometimes us perfectionists see an idea on pinterest and dont even attempt it as you can almost picture the end result - but actually I tend to think the enjoyment and learning comes through the trying and retrying not so much the end result x so take one of your {probably many} pinterest ideas and see it through to completion even it takes a week + and see what happens!



  1. Love love!! Especially the comment at the end. From one perfectionist to another

    1. agree!! yup being a perfectionist is not a particularly productive way to be haha oh well theres always hope yet!! x


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