Keeping it s i m p l e! the best advice + afternoon tea!

I think one of the best little ideas a sister gave me recently was to have afternoon tea ready for the kids when they got home - for me this is after day care for my 2 1/2 year old and 4 year old. 

Before doing this we'd come home and bags would be dumped somewhere {um this still happens ek} and then tears or demands for food would come next and then at some point someone would want something different than what was offered or try help themselves resulting in more tears or tantrums.....and then number three would start crying cause he wanted something minuet everyone's crying lol. {can you tell it was essentially all a bit crazy!}.....

so then entered the simple solution of making sure they had a plate of food ready for them when they came home..... 
add a few surprises here and there and they LOVE IT!!! :)

The first day they were like "ohh wow, what did you do that for?!" and then the next day after daycare in the car Titus asked "do we have our afternoon tea on the table?" ....And I thought "YUS!" and how interesting it is that kids love routine ... {some more than others}

It makes such a difference if I've made the effort to do it before they come home, because rather than scurrying around after them I make myself a cup of tea sit down with them and hear about their day...."nomm nom nomm"

And so this is our new routine after Daycare and it works!! {99% of the time, apart from times where if I'm honest I didn't put much effort into what I gave them and they put up a protest} 

And so if your anything like me, I need S I M P L E otherwise I wont do or stick to it :)
so I hope this little idea helps if its a tricky time of day for you too... x


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