keeping it simple + the best thing + ditching TV = not for the faint hearted*

So about two months ago we ditched TV during the week (90% of the time) and made it a treat for the weekend...

Why you might ask?

Well for myself I felt like I was using it waay too much as a babysitting tool...I didn't know what else to do with them... survival...the easiest option....

And I guess it just got to the point where it didn't sit well with me and all I could think was... I don't want my 5 year old... 10 15 year old....  sitting zoned out on a beautiful day.

For a long time there we were a little in the dark ages only using tv for dvds and not connected up to a TV supplier... but that didn't lessen the amount I'd let them watch - mainly Mr 4 year old {as Mr 2 year old doesn't sit long enough to watch anything unless its about robots, horsey's, or dinosaurs}

The first two days were the worst!!! As our Four year old (mr routine) was not a happy chappy esp in the mornings as his routine had been wake up - put a dvd on - have breakfast... But both me and my husband were on board with it and so it was happening...

Also at first it was hard on me because now I had to think up things for them to do, or at least direct them to.... {WHAT!!! I didnt sign up for this lol}

  So they fought more between themselves and it was a bit hellish all round a battle of the wills..

..... but then something unexpected started happening...

Mattress play = rolling, diving, forts, sandwiches, sliding...

cardboard play (I cant remember what i was trying to make but it completely failed yet Zephyr still found some fun with it = keep it SIMPLE!!!)

drawing, scribbling (this normally is a very short play time..)

making creations - letting them play with play dough without directing them

Endless "Rats Nests" as I like to call them and make believe play where they find all the toys and haul them to one place (yes a little bit of a night mare when its literally allllll the books and toys in the house hehehe but I secretly think its GENIUS!!) so I let them go for it...BUT the key is to get them to pack up (normally this works best for mine if you withhold the next thing ie morning tea till they've done it...)

boxes + chalk = happy boys

yep another rats nest

They started PLAYING... yep probably what they should have been doing anyways... but not just how they had in the past, it was like now they were stepping it up a gear and heaps of imaginary stuff was happening (much like I remember doing as a kid ~ that "down in the bottom of the garden" type of stuff.... 

sooo 6 months on and our TV experiment is definitely working the kids are more creative in their play there are still tears and tantrums but less moaning about wanting to watch this or that.. we've had some bumps in the road a few weeks were we've slipped back into too much and mostly when life has been at its worst this seems to happen but its been achievable.  And we now find ourselves limiting what they watch on the weekends too as all day tv is just no fun for anyone!

So I can definitely say that ditching TV during the week (not a rule but a lifestyle choice) has been really positive! But not for the faint hearted I think if you do it you've got to follow through otherwise your giving them too many mixed messages.. (as they know now that we don't watch it during the week so when they ask, they actually know what the response will be 90% of the time)

And at the end of the day its about following that mother instinct that's telling you what's right for you!

Ps I 'v definitely had melt downs where I've been at the end of myself and exclaimed "Right I'm putting on a DVD!!! Go and watch and don't come near me!!"....but I'm finding now more in those times I'm directing them to go outside or go make a fort with your toys... just anything that actually in the long run helps the day and them and us...bla bla you get the point...

Anyway's maybe this is something you've thought of doing or have done? 

Either way I'd love to hear about your journey so drop me a note and share your thoughts... 



  1. I so enjoyed reading this Carolyn about your journey without tv. My children have played exactly the way yours have done with rat nests, putting all their toys together in one place either inside or outside. Their imaginations have no limit when you let them go for it. I still find myself letting the children watch tv after school a little too much and reading about your jouney has definitely made me think about changing this habit. Thanks.xx

    1. yes we have to love the rats nests!! :) I think we all go through different stages when something works or doesn't for us and I guess its going with that gut feeling when we think we need to make a tweak here or there...sounds like your doing a great job, God bless you!! x


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