happy inside camping day for the kiddos :)

Sometimes during a week I get extra motivated to make a little play station up for the boys using whatever is lying around.  This time I remembered that my Husband had a one man tent that we never use any more - so it was perfect for a bit of inside play for the boys 

So i just threw in a blanket, a few pillows, toys and books and the boys filled in the rest :)

they had a great time making it a little rats nest filling it with other toys or treasures...

 so I call this "keeping it simple parenting!" 

Maybe you have a similar type of tent or it gives you an idea for making a little play spot even if they only use it for small amounts of time. I'm sure their memory of it is bigger and grander than ours...and by the way I think mine lasted about half and hour before this went a bit destructoooo...if that makes you feel any better..

Happy Camping!


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