modge podge + littlest chair = happy seat!


light sandpaper
Craft Paper

1. Take one little seat that needs some love.  Sand off any varnish or gloss paint that might be already on it so the Mod-Podge will stick to it

2. Draw out a pattern by holding up the paper to you chair and tracing around the paper on the opposite side to the print so you are not left with pencil marks on your good side (this was a little tricky but after a few trims etc got there in the end) 

3. Apply the Mod-Podge to the surface of the chair thickly making sure you cover the whole area and then stick your paper to this. Smooth it down as much as possible so there are no air-bubbles... 
(for me this was not a perfect process either because of the little screws sticking up )...

4. Cover the entire area of the chair over the paper to seal it and let dry - you could probably do two coats (once dried) if you wanted it to be super robust... for kids play etc


And there you now have one happy seat - I'm using mine besides the bed in our guest room as a little side table but obviously so many uses ...

And now I'm scoping out my dining chairs... as they are those old-school wooden back metal leg type - I've also seen you can do the same process using fabric!! Oh the possibilities!!!

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