Rainy day Retro Robots xo

I was determined to do a set activity {something I've actually put a little thought into} with the boys one week. 

So to get some inspiration I had a flick through this ...its a neat little pack you can get for free that gives you a few ideas for those "what am I going to do with the kids moments!!!?" 

So I loved the little robot Idea and thought yup I've got a hot glue gun I can do that! 

And so collected a shoebox together of:
 old nuts and bolts
recycling bits and pieces
left over craft supplies (pom poms, bright coloured popsicle sticks...)
craft paper

and then I had a little look in the internet and there were some great images of retro robots that I printed off to give us some ideas...

And so with the help of the boys this is what we came up with... 
they would show me what they wanted where and I got them to colour pieces of paper for the "buttons" and so on..


So we had fun making them together - to be honest at one point they went off and I keep pottering - it was very therapeutic hehe especially seeing the reactions of hot glue when it touches plastic... but I'll let you find out that one ;)

Anyways I'd definitely recommend this one with ideally 3-4 years olds and if you have a hot glue gun you can create endless possibilities

Have Fun!! Give it a go


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