tree stump + castor wheels = fun!!

so at our missions base we work at I've been working on a little corner, and I have to say its been soo fun designing a space from scratch and then seeing it come together piece by piece.

 Something out of nothing. 

We are trying to use what we already have then add the extras. In our back yard I've had these Tree stumps lying around for awhile (I've used them as little tables for the kids morning tea picnics) but it was time for a reinvention.... 

Happy Crafting!!

So add a few castor wheels, plus a little sanding and viola!!! 

instant coffee table!!

Now that I've made one for our little corner I think I like it too much to give it up just yet - so I'll have to swipe the other tree truck lying around now :)

p.s I was able to reuse the castor wheels shown - but I did track down a set of four from one of those $2 - $8 cheap shops for $6!! bargain!!