Shining LIGHT on our drawers...

Its winter - a time where the land rests...

Its also a great time to prune!!

So I'm pruning.

Going drawer by drawer. Closet by closet and going through every inch of the insides of the house when I can. 

I no longer want all these excess parts around - I'm sure its all apart of the grander scheme of Chaos. So its all got to go.

I'm giving Facebook a rest - and have gone through my 20,000 emails!!! and unsubscribed to countless things that I have no interest in any more - something kinda fun about digging up the hold of the trash compartment in my emails to find the last 7 years of emails stored in the holds.

So its pruning season - and I'm learning to enjoy the feeling of less.  Less stuff, Less mess, Less excess....

It all takes time and that moment of decision where your heart says "oh but I might use this one day... or I will read that one day...." but in the end its just another burden placed upon yourself to hold onto everything.  

So lets look forward and not hold onto the past. Enjoy shining light on our drawers, and closets our emails and how we spend our days...

Its winter - so its time to do the work so the land can rest........ Spring will be here before you know it...!!!

I have no idea who stumbles upon this blog to read it but if you ever want to comment I'd love to hear your journey of the above xoxo Carolyn - you can click below to comment


  1. I am so so with you on this - the life of simplicity or minimalism. How poetic that you link it to the season, and this sense of *pruning* rather than *losing*....
    plus on a more practical/literal level you remind me that I really need to plant a rose my husband gave me for valentine's day and prune it!

    1. Its taken me a little while to adjust my thinking on becoming more stream line in the home - but I've realized how much actually have alot of stuff around also filters into our mind and how also that then feels cluttered. So begins this dual process of decluttering the mind and the house - from the inside out :) all the best for your planting and pruning!! x

  2. I've wanted to declutter from the moment our container arrived from the USA four years ago and nearly overflowed our flat haha! But as you know, growing family of boys, pregnancy, miscarriage, and more... Then we spent 2016 all over NZ and basically lived out of our car/ suitcases. Aside from the drama and trauma of that year, I loved being so 'lightweight'!! Now we've been here a year almost and I'm looking forward to summer and hoping to clear out HRAPS with as many yard sales/Sallies trips as it takes to release us from the tyranny of stuff!! So again, amen ;-)


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