look for the little piece of wonderful

Even if from outward perspectives we look like shambles there's always something wonderful happening on the inside too, so LOOK and find that little piece of wonderful and say "well done for that"

And so maybe the Stuff in our lives that feel uncomfortable, the stuff that challenges, maybe its allowed there for us to lean into the one who can really Heal, and correct. And help change us in the most LOVED way...

To Look forwards, to live in that place where God is constantly calling out his belief in me.

We can head towards the belief that no one believes in us. And that's a hard place to be, the lowest, even lower is when we don't believe in ourselves. 
we've all been there.

Live your life by Gods opinion of you!!

For it is good, and just hang on.

 We all have a little piece of WONDERFUL 

For it is bit by bit that any tree grows or flowers bud and grasses flourish.

 And so with tiny steps allow yourself to unravel from others stuff. And allow yourself to open up, and out. Keep yourself open, dont close yourself up.

So to all you freaks and black sheep you are YOU!!
 You are an Original, 
a Loved and WONDERFUL original version of YOU!!!!

xoxox carolyn

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