Surviving travelling with 5 Boys 7 years and under

When we first started realising that going to Norway to do a Family Ministries School  in Norway one of the first things I did was start Pinteresting "travelling with boys" I even put into google "travelling with 5 boys" hoping that there might be some other crazy family like us. 
.......but there wernt haha

I did come across familys with 4 children but there were alot of girls in that one and never all boys!

So I was determined to write after our travels - maybe even just for that "other family" with all boys who one day will travel the world :) 

hehe as for me and my house we are now settling back into home and airports, trains, buses and taxis feel like a distant memory but I'm my next post once I can transfer some photos from my Husbands ph I will endevour to do a write up on our trip across to the other side of the world 

xoxo Carolyn

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