peace in madness*

I think one of the biggest challenges as a Mum is staying encouraged and finding peace in madness!... when Day after day it can feel like ground hog day, and your chasing your tail...

1 month now after the birth of my second son "Zephyr James", I find that the mornings are the worst.  So instead of feeling full of smiles! :) I'm more like the grinch who stole christmas ready to pounce at anyone who comes near! (my poor dear husband!)and its in those moments I'm often wondering "How am I supposed to live out of that place of rest!!?". 

I would love to be one of those efficient mothers, organised, full of energy and creativity and feeling connected to God always...but I'm totally not there (Yet! haha) far from it on most days!

 But one thing that I keep coming back to is that on those days where I'm totally shattered and wondering which ways up, deep down I know where my place of rest is found, regardless of whats going on around me...

It hasnt always been this way, but since allowing God into my life and allowing him to parent me, it's changed so many things - not everything yet lol cause I'm human but He's placed peace in my Heart which flows out into my life, and its this place of rest that I go to when everything feels crazy.

So on those mornings aka most every morning these days! :) where the day ahead feels daunting I've found myself taking a moment to stop and listen to what God wants to speak into my heart for HE is our greatist encourager!!!!

I love that!
 On those days were we feel so insignificant and have given out of the little we had to begin with, God whispers...

"I am your greatest encourager!"


xoxo carolyn

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  1. I hear you - being a mum is mad - having peace is precious.


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