test pots + table = perfect table for play

This little table has been awesome its the perfect size for play or morning tea - but it was a bit of a nothing colour so using the remains of test pots I had some fun with it...and went for a mix of Chevron/Mountains/Geometrics :)

HOW TO: Using "Painters Masking tape" mask off your area one section at a time making sure that each is dry before starting the next section. I applied two coats, using Resene paints + for the white a spray paint I made sure I used a seal spray over the top for all the boys messes and it works a treat allowing me to wipe it clean.

TIP: Before applying the sealer spray make sure that its completely free of dust or dirt etc {I didn't think to do this as I sprayed it outside so now it has a permanent layer of dust sealed under the top coat - whoops!!} 

# I cant remember the colour for the grey but I could find out for you if you like it and want to use it for yourself? 

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