I think I've realised that if I can't do quick craft projects at the stage of life I'm at firstly I tend to go a bit nuts and secondly I tend to not get it finished :) so recently a beautiful friend of mine helped me overhaul my craft space (miss Tinkerbell!! Your a pro!!) and it did wonders for my brain space!!

Decluttering really is the way to go not just rearranging!! Which I must admit was what I used to do!!

Anyways I had an hour to play with so I made a dash at some creativity in my studio (happy place!!)
My starting point was this cute calendar I'd been given with yummy imagery. I wanted to come up with something to display a selection of smaller prints...

 Next I started to have a little look at Pinterest for ways to display small artwork......... Sooo maaaaaaany iddddeas!!!!! But came across the simple peg idea below and remembered I had a little piece of peg board sitting in my garage...

Pinterest can
 be amazing so I'm trying to use it for literal projects rather than imaginary ones that never happen!

Next I had pegs I could
 recycle from an old peg project...

I had used it for a type of advent calendar a few years back. 

So now I had pegs and peg board (yay! )

Looking at the Pinterest tutorial I used some garden wire to cut and thread through the pegs
And secured it at the back of the peg board by crossing wire over

I could have painted the board but I quite like the raw material

Easy fun fast craft project, just what I like!!! 

Now I just need to find a place for it...typical story

Xoxo happy crafting!

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