Love Yellow

I painted this frame that I'd found at a op-shop awhile ago, and I finally decided what I'd put in it :)
I used brown wrapping paper behind the drawing and used a stamp I had for the "LOVE".

Kiwi Mums christmas Craft

Here were two little crafts we recently did at kiwi mums = Love kiwiMUMs!

Ok so the colours are a bit crazy but I had fun anyways!
 This felt bird was real easy - just cut out your pieces using whatever contrasting colours of felt and then I made it a bit simpler so instead of stitching all the way around the outside I just joined them by crossing the thread on the wings then sewing the buttons together. (they have different coloured buttons on the other side and can also use different coloured threads etc - lots of combination possibilities)
And like I say you can't perfect anything you havnt tried once or started!

Christmas Bunting using Paper + Rough string
I liked the use of the pinks with the reds!

Wall decalls!

Lately I remember seeing in a Home magazine Removable Wall stickers of owls for a little kids room and they were Soo expensive for what you got - I found these ones of Owls for only $7.50 from one of those cheap $2+ type shops. I cant believe how much they charge from something sometimes because its from a known brand.

Keep scouting I say!


I cant say that I've ever really had a thing for Flowers much, but at the moment I'm packing Peonies for export and I have to say I'm loving having them scattered around my home - I feel very grown up :) Its a real treat! I think I could get used to this :)

considering the only description of a flower in my garden are the sunflowers that I've planted and they are only about 6cm high - I may be waiting awhile for the next installment of flowers to grace my home :) So I shall make the most of having them now!

Love colour!

Removable Wall Decals from $2+ shop
I love yummy tourquise, pinks and yellows at the moment!

Encouragment just when we need it

Ever have one of those days where you feel very usless - well I was having another of those, frustrated with tiredness and not "feeling it" with God days. Lost in the blurryness of waking up after another night of getting up to a little one.

I picked up my scrapbook notebook/journal thingy and started to look through it.

And as I flipped along, I felt much better, because I was reminded of all the little things God had given me in the past - little drawings or pictures, words and I realised that it was Ok to not be "feeling it" but rather I could rest right where I was.

sometimes we need to remind ourselves of all that has happened and all the encouragement God has soaked us in, in the past when we are having one of those days.

thanks God for your little notes of encouragment just when we need them

Today is going to be a good day :) x o x o