Sunshine in Winter

When you remember that you are trusting the Creater of the Universe for your next meal, it doesnt seem so scary after all...

"For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds! Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life"

{From The bible the book of Luke chapter 12 verses 23-25}

Iron on Transfers + Buttons + Fabric

I created these when I was pregnant with Titus, they say you get to a stage where you all of a sudden have a urge to nest - for me it was the drive to make stuff.  I cant say I'd ever done much "Craft" before, but while I couldnt use Oils during the pregnancy (cause they say the fumes are bad for the buba) I found a different way to vent the arty bug... As i remember I also made "owly" who features on one of the earliest blogs and also heaps of bunting.... When I look back I cant believe what a luxury It was, to spend day after day, driving my husband nuts with all my projects creative mess - Oh those were the days, I had so much fun!!

(Sorry for the lack of Image quality.......)
How I made these:

 I printed the bird images on iron on transfer paper you put in the printer - and just used images I got off the net (lovemae wall decals) Our printer was really average and running out of ink so all the colours went a little crazy. I nearly sindged some of the images so getting the heat right can be tricky...

 Then I just sewed on the buttons or the little wooden pendants I found in a sewing shop and wrapped the fabric around canvases (Using a stapler)... I thought this would look neat in Embroidery Hoops but didnt have the right sizes at the time..

There are so many possibilities you could create with these... I hope to make some more one day :)

x o x o

What makes your Heart Sing?

Little Zephyr is now 10 weeks old (and not so little anymore!) I'm finding my Rhythm slowly, but its taken what feels like forever!! I've had this constant feeling that I should be doing this or that by now, I'm not so great at enjoying just where I'm at right now,  I  guess alot of mothers can feel this?

I reakon once you become a mum you go through these phases where your so focused on keeping the house in order and making sure everyones feed and watered you forget "what makes your Heart Sing!" mind you - you dont have to be a mother to feel like this...

For me I've realised that if I don't get a little fix of this something each day I get stuck in the blues.

Soooo I've just started running or should i say plodding again, while I wish I could say that running is easy and thats why it makes my Heart Sing, I'd definatly be lying! Cause in reality Its a hard red faced puffing slog; no visions of frolicing athlets in sight - as I'm no fading violet more like a plump sunflower! I'm hoping this might be a catalyse for shedding a few excess petals!!!.... we'll see...

 I'm just started back since somewhere way back in pregnancy land so of course its gonna be a slog. But ya know I think thats all part of it, I think somewhere in side of us we were created to overcome challenges and to also Enjoy them its almost like a type of warfare against all those daily voices that are telling us we should be doing this and that or I cant do this, or could do that... So sometimes the very things that make our Hearts Sing can challange us to be more than we are already, and make us feel like we are really living rather than just exsisting...

these were some drawings I came up with one day stuck in the blues, and they helped me pick myself up and keep going :)

So my question for you this week is...
"What makes your Heart Sing?"

have a great week!


saturday afternoon project

There is something seriously satisfying about starting and finishing something!! maybe it has to do with that sense of control we have.   I've lost count of my unfinished projects! All the intention was there but no follow through... paintings especially...dont you hate it when you have a great idea in your head but when it comes to putting itto canvas its near impossible to recreate? I used to have all these half finished paintings piled up because I gotten discouraged and given up.

Other stuff like Exercise plans that last for 3 days, and statments like "this is my last dot dot dot..." (bought coffee is a favourite in our household :) Things that we tell ourselves we will do but then are forgotten the next day. 

So I'v started setting loose some of the things from my "one day" pile, with the idea of 'finishing' rather than just forever 'starting'. And it gives the cheapest thrills... When was the last time you squeezed the last drop out of your moisturiser before indulging in a new one? Or threw away something old before replacing with something new? This also includes copious amounts of old makeup and products which we never actually use but seem to like looking at (lotions and potions as my husband describes them) - How does this all relate?

I think theres something greater that happens when we start living in a way where we arnt just all about starting somthing, because anyone can start somthing... but i believe it takes a whole lot of Heart to finish something. And it encourages something within us and builds us up from the inside. 

My challange to myself for this week - not in a crazy I MUST DO THIS sort of a way, but in a kind and it will be good for me sort of way; is to start getting out of the house for some walks - with or without the two boys...(I still havent gotten my head around how to get out with the two consistantly) at this stage I'm just keeping it real achievable ~ my starting and finishing goal.  

i'm ticking off the "one day" pile, and enjoying the small successes, starting with the achieveable - exercise, craft -
...I think as you build confidence you gain momentum...and you can start leading your heart to conquer the bigger challanges (haha like finishing that moisturiser)

This was my saturday afternoon project to start and finish this gift for a friend's 50th.

 -------- OH sweet satisfaction! :) ----

would love your feedback on your starting and finishing goals? 

x o x o

baby No* 2

Waiting for the arrival of our little Zephyr seemed like forever this time around - maybe because with the second one you kinda know what your in for and so its all a little less overwhelming.... We loved the element of surprise when it came to knowing whether it was a boy or girl the first time (even though we were pretty sure it was going to be a boy) 2nd time around we also didnt find out but in our minds we were sure it was going to be a girl, but had a boys name just incase :)

So Just as he was being born literally the verse from Zephaniah 3:17 "I will rejoice over you with singing" came to mind ... and in that little moment I knew it was Zephyr! WHAT A SURPRISE!!! and how crazy and amazingly thoughtful is God to whisper those words - well thats what I reakoned anyways. Special! to me It felt like He was saying "Yup I've chosen Zephyr just for you's".  "Zephyr" was named after Zephaniah which means Hidden Treasure, or Treasured by God... which I think is so cool considering how genuinely surprised we were!!

I had written in my bible besides that verse in Zephaniah the date 14.10.11 which was the day I felt the name Zephyr Jumped out at me for what I would call my next son. I'm a bit of a thinker but with the names of both our boys there's never been a hesitation about what to call them, cause both times I felt like God had choosen them and in our eyes they were just Perfect!
Big brother cuddles!!

The name "Titus" for our first son was also something that was so special.  To be honest I didnt think I was capable of having kids. I'd had depression in my past and in my mind I still had the lie "how could I look after a little one when I can barly look after myself"... But God knew, and so when one day out of the blue when I was just chilling with my journal and bible "Titus" came as clear as anything and in that Instant I knew I was going to have a baby and his name would be "Titus". I can still remember exactly what I said to myself "Oh my goodness I'm going to have a baby and his name is going to be Titus" yup pretty simple but thats how God works, it doesnt have to be complicated...

Titus means of the Giants and Encourager and thats exactly what he's been for us, he's fills a room with his little personality and he makes people smile... love love him!!

So our little Zephyr is now 6 weeks old and He's been amazing, so far pretty much just feeds and sleeps! Sooo grateful cause I dunno how I would be surviving if it was any different!! He definatly was the coolest surprise. Titus loves his brother and one of his favourite things to say is "hiya zepha!". 

I'm LOVING having two, the "baby stuff" has been much easier 2nd time around. But in terms of life with two little ones under 2 in the house its been pretty crazy... exhausting...and I definatly feel out of my depth puts a bit of a strain on the hubby relationship at times when everyones wasted and got the grumps! ...and I'm still getting my head around how to get out of the house with two and get some fresh air.  

just a little collage i did while waiting for baby no* 2

But I'm learning to use my time a little wiser for the things that keep me sane hehe. I've changed the way I make art and now do quick stuff which gives me just as much, maybe even more of a buzz than the stuff in the past I did that took longer (painting, sewing..)

Now I like making little collages and drawings in my journal when - a Miracle happens - and both are sleeping. I also think who ever invented the Novel was a parent cause it's the nicest little luxury to get into a book and leave the chaos behind! (I'm reading "Atoinment child" by Francine Rivers at the moment) Also having this blog has been a Godsend, its so nice to have a space for something other than nappies and washing!!!

Well No* 2 is up for a feed, not sure what I was particularly thinking about with this entry... just love being able to write and take a moment out from my day...

Happy Weekend everyone!!

x o x o