Mocka chair + restyle

I hardly ever buy new stuff cause I'm more of a vintage kind of girl but I did splash out and get Titus a little throne cause all little boys need their special seat to have morning hot chocolates on or watch Wall-E....

  home sweet home - every little boy wants their familiar place

{I used Material from Spotlight}

 I covered the cushion insert then used the envelope fold to attach it to the chair both top and bottom...which means I can still take it off to wash when it gets too sticky from little boys spills...


wagons + masking tape + test posts = perfect project for crazy perfectionists!

I once saw this pattern by a particular design brand that I loved - they put it on a laundry bag and other housey items...

I couldn't get it out of my head so I decided to try replicate the geometric pattern {roughly}
I also wanted to try my hand at Masking off areas to make a geometric pattern...


  1. Using a fine sandpaper take off any prior gloss finishes or rough patches
  2. prime ~ I just used the lightest shade I had...
  3. Draw up your pattern using ruler and pencil
  4. Using "Painters masking tape" mask off multiple sections at a time and paint using the same colour at have to wait for the paint to dry before you peel the tape off and using fresh tape position your masking tape.  Repeat same process over and over until you have filled in all the triangles...

Tip: To create sharp lines firmly rub the edges of the tape when you stick to the surface and wait till completely dry before removing.

To avoid Muddy colours wash your brush really well between colours and change your water often

(I replicated the pattern on both sides using Resene test pots left over from my sister painting her house, selected colours at random)

WHAT I LEARNED: its the perfect and worst project for someone that has a streak of perfectionism....took me hours {literally} lol {when you get an hr here or there + throw kiddos in the mix I guess its understandable..}
 bit crazy... n o t sure I'd do it again... but loved the result all the same....and sense of achievement!!

Have you had a favourite colour since you were little?

 ...ever since my 'Peach' duvet as a child coral/peach has been a fav - so I decided to throw it into the mix of colours against the other neutral greys 
 isn't it funny what follows from when we were little - our likes/dislikes...

 I also painted this one Using another Resene colour called "Clementine" from memory which was featured once in a Paint/design page of Your Home and Garden - This one I will probably paint over in time as I think its got more potential than what I gave it -

 but ya know what sometimes you just have to give things a go and if you don't totally love it, start over!!

I've been using them both to keep toys or mags in as really handy to roll under couches or out of the way... {apart from the few times they were used to rocket one another round the lounge floor until the wheels popped off = little boys + wagons!!}
this was the before...

I sprayed both with a clear gloss sealer to finish it and make it a bit more durable...

while I was on the roll I painted this also using the same test-pots

{"the kite with no string" = freedom}

Moral of the story... :) have fun using test pots plus a little bit of childlike imagination!!

chalk board hack = wall stickers

Wall stickers are awesome for people like me who like to change things around
 {all the time!}
 but I'm all about function so when I came across Blackboard wall stickers it was love at first sight! 
...through a random conversation this week I discovered that KMART sell them...
 {craft section}
sooo went for a road trip there today
 and yup for just $5
 you can get a 50cm by 2m Blackboard strip!!!
the only limit is your imagination for what to do with it, and where you place it...
{cheesy but true!}
this was way cheaper than the one I purchased from tradme that came to $21 including postage... 
{You can cut out shapes with a craft knife before removing the backing,
 but use a chopping board
 or something so you don't accidently mark tables... }



 the key is to cut out your shape before you peel the backing paper away, when you stick it to the wall
and also wipe down the wall so its clean and completely dry
 before placing your finished shape...
{love this photo and his concentration...
 "I'm drawing a whale mummy.."}
Hope that's a cheap and cheerful little wkend project for you!!

$2.50 = clap your hands together cause your so excited!

Ok so I'm a bit of a nutter when it comes to talking to God about stuff I want + need....anyways in some of those random up in your head converstations I've had with God I've specifically asked for measuring spoons of different colours and thought one day....................
...... yup that was today!!!!!!

when I saw them out of the corner of my eye in Pak n save I literally clapped my hands together like a little kid in glee cause I couldn't quite believe it!

 haha sometimes its the simplest things that can make our day eh!

so there you go - if you need measuring spoons for $2.50 you too can have yourself a little bit of plastic glee!!